iPhone, Android and Blackberry Mobile App for Amsoil Products

June 12th, 2011

Amsoil has created a really nice mobile app for your iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones and devices. You can look up car/truck application information, oil filter needed, oil, capacities, etc. Just like the normal website but on the road if you need to know how much fluid your vehicle needs.


March 20th, 2011

Check this new page, it will help you look up products specifically for your bike.

Amsoil Racing

March 7th, 2011

Check out the new Amsoil Racing web site. This has updates and information on all of the different types of racing that Amsoil is involved in.

Dirt Bike and Motorcross Amsoil Products

February 12th, 2011

Check out the different oils for you dirt bikes at this new page, find out what Amsoil can do for your motorcycle.New link on my home page, take a look.

Harley Davidson Oil

February 12th, 2011

Check the link on my home page to a new web page dedicated to just Harley Davidson oil.

Amsoil Price Increase is coming on March 1, 2011

January 13th, 2011

The lubricants industry has experienced rapidly increasing base stock and additive cost increases over the past few months, and many other lubricant manufacturers have recently implemented 5 to 15 percent price increases. While AMSOIL makes every effort to maintain the lowest prices possible and has delayed raising prices for as long as possible, the ever-increasing costs of raw materials has forced AMSOIL to implement a minimal price adjustment on select products in the U.S. effective March 1. Due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, Canadian prices will remain unchanged at this time. As always, AMSOIL will work to minimize the necessary adjustment. Even with a minimal price adjustment, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants remain the best and most cost-effective choice on the market, saving customers money through extended drain intervals, reduced wear and maintenance and increased fuel efficiency.

NEW - AMSOIL OE 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

January 6th, 2011

AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oils help provide better wear control, high- and low-temperature protection and increased fuel economy compared to conventional oils. The oil drain interval recommendations for many of today’s vehicles extend well beyond the traditional 3,000-mile interval, some up to 12,000 miles with electronic oil monitoring systems. AMSOIL OE Oils provide excellent protection and performance for the entire length of the original equipment manufacturer’s recommended drain interval.

Summer is coming

March 11th, 2009

With summer just around the corner you will be getting the lawn mower and weed wacker out of storage. Start the year right by running quality Amsoil synthetic motor oil in your four stroke Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh, Kohler, Honda and Kawasaki motors. Your leaf blower and trimmers will run better than ever on Amsoils Saber Professional 2 stroke oil. Less smoke, no fouled plugs, faster work which makes for more profit for you and also saves times for other things.

AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil - 100:1 Pre-Mix

Saber Professional (ATP) is specifically designed for small engines including, but not limited to, chain saws, lawn equipment, blowers, chop saws, pumps, scooters and go-carts. It is also very good for use in motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, jet boats and personal watercraft. Saber Professional is formulated with high temperature detergent additives that prevent hard carbon deposits from forming in these hot operating motors. Saber Professional is “smokeless” and delivers as much as 30 percent fewer emissions at 100:1 mix ratios than oils mixed at 50:1. Equipment operators subjected to smoke and fumes will benefit from these low emission properties. Because one mix ratio satisfies multiple pieces of equipment, Saber Professional eliminates mix ratio confusion. Saber Professional is recommended for pre-mix where ISO-L-EGD, JASO FC or API TC is specified.

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Small Engine Oil

A commercial grade formulation designed for hot temperature, severe service operation of small engines where routine maintenance is often difficult or infrequent. Recommended for use wherever SAE 10W-30 or SAE 30 oil is specified in gasoline or diesel engines, transmissions, hydraulics, and chain cases requiring the listed specifications. Applications include maintenance equipment, tractors, lawn and garden equipment, generators, compactors, pumps, light towers, welders, log splitters, power washers, cement mixers and trowels, skid-steers, excavators and compressors.

Product Code: AIO

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Small Engine Oil is recommended for use wherever SAE 10W-30 or SAE 30 oil is specified in gasoline or diesel engines, transmissions, hydraulics and chain cases that require the following:

  • API SL, SJ, SH, SG…(Gasoline)

  • API CF, CD (Diesel)

  • JASO MA (Motorcycle Wet Clutch)

LSx or LS1 Based Engine Amsoil EaO Oil Filters

March 10th, 2009

Just some food for thought.  On pre-2007 LSx or LS1 based engines, there are two oil filters that will fit your vehicle.  The EaO32 is the car based version and the EaO64 is the truck version.  The only difference is that the truck filter is about 1 1/8″ longer, giving you a little bit more capacity.  Everything else is the same.  Both have  anti-drain-back valves.

For 2007 and newer the same filter, EaO50 is used on all LSx LS based engines, car and truck both.

Absolute Efficiency
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters (EaO) have the best efficiency rating in the industry. EaO Filters provide a filtering efficiency in accordance with industry standard ISO 4548-12 of 98.7 percent at 15 microns, while competitive filters containing conventional cellulose medias range from 40 to 80 percent efficiency.

Less Restriction
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters have significantly lower restriction than conventional cellulose media filters. Their small synthetic nanofibers trap smaller particles and hold more contaminants, resulting in lower restriction. During cold temperature warm-up periods, an EaO lube filter allows the oil to easily flow through the filter compared to a typical cellulose filter. Lower restriction decreases engine wear.

More Capacity
A filter’s capacity refers to the amount of contaminants it can hold and still remain effective. AMSOIL EaO Filters have a far greater capacity than competing filter lines. When used in conjunction with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils in normal service, EaO Filters are guaranteed to remain effective for up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first.

Superior Construction
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are made with premium-grade full synthetic media. The strictly controlled processing of this media ensures accurate filter construction, and is what allows Ea Oil Filters to deliver higher capacity and efficiency along with better durability.

Over the service life of a conventional cellulose filter, hot oil will degrade the resins that bind the media. The Ea Oil Filters’ full synthetic media technology is resin-free. It uses a wire screen backing that is pleated with the media for superior strength.

Ea Oil Filters are constructed with HNBR nitrile gaskets that are fully tested to extreme distances in numerous severe environments. The filters also feature fully tucked seams, a molded element seal, roll-formed threads and a long-lasting premium-grade silicone anti-drain valve.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters provide superior oil filtration for vehicles in the auto/light truck market.

Service Life
AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are guaranteed for 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, when used in conjunction with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil. AMSOIL recommends changing the oil filter at the time of oil change.

If used in conjunction with AMSOIL Motor Oil that is being changed at intervals less than 25,000 miles, the EaO Filter should be changed at the same time. AMSOIL EaO Filters are not guaranteed for 25,000 miles when used with any oil other than AMSOIL Motor Oil and should be changed according to vehicle OEM recommendations.

AMSOIL Dominator® Synthetic 10W-30 Racing Oil (RD30)

February 28th, 2009

For your high performance and race engines,  Amsoil has introduced a line of oil to meet you demanding needs.

Formulated to withstand the elevated RPM, high temperatures and shock-loading common to racing applications, Dominator Synthetic 10W-30 Racing Oil delivers superior performance and maximum protection in extreme conditions. Its shear-stable formulation was engineered to provide maximum horsepower without sacrificing engine protection. Dominator Synthetic 10W-30 Racing Oil provides straight-grade protection in a multi-grade formulation.

AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic 10W-30 Racing Oil is recommended for high-rpm, high-horsepower, turbo/supercharged, gasoline- or alcohol-burning and nitrous oxide gas-injected applications operated under severe conditions.

Applications include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Asphalt Late Model • Dirt Late Model • Modified Big Block • Modified Small Block • GM Crate Late Model • Marine • Sprint • Midget • Kart • Other domestic and import high-performance racing and street applications requiring 30-weight oil.

Check it out today.