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Ford 7.3L and 6.0L POWER STROKE Diesel Owners - Extend The Life Of Your Engine Using AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants

AMSOIL offers many products for diesel engines, including a full range of diesel oils, drivetrain lubricants and filtration options.

Use Amsoil in your Ford Power Stroke Diesel and travel 25,000 miles or 1 year between oil changes, longer if using oil analysis, see below!

AMSOIL is the only diesel oil designed for extended oil drain intervals which can resist the added shear caused by new diesel emissions systems which increase soot, heat and average engine RPM.

Ford Power Stroke Diesel Information

You've spent your hard earned money on the Ford Powerstroke it is one of the most popular and best engineered trucks there is, now don't you think you owe it to yourself to use the very best oil in it? Don't let your local dealership service center tell you that you you have to use their brand of oil to "maintain your warranty". That is a 100% false statement by the dealership, yet it goes on day in and day out. We constantly receive calls from customers that were told this by their servicing dealership. This practice is not authorized or condoned by the auto manufacturers, but the fact is it still goes on.

How a servicing dealership can essentially tell a customer that they have to use a lower quality oil to "maintain their warranty" is not only wrong but it is also illegal unless they provide it free of charge. There are Federal laws that protect you against this. Please read our Warranty Laws You Need to Know section of this website to learn more.

In a recent Lubricants World Magazine interview the president of a major national quick lube chain (which is owned by a major petroleum oil company) states that if they can get customers to shorten their drain intervals by 100 miles it would mean an additional $20 million in revenue for the company per year and if they can get consumers to do one more oil change per year it would mean $294 million for the oil change alone and $441 million in revenue when they include ancillary products and services that go along with the oil change. In fact, the president of the quick lube chain openly admits that the bottom line is profits. The shorter the drain interval the more money the quick lube makes. It is our opinion that they would be more profitable by promoting and installing AMSOIL extended drain interval synthetic motor oil. It appears that the short drain interval petroleum oils they promote are good at assuring that customers will be back for another oil change in a relatively short period of time.

Recommendations Specifically for Ford Power Stroke Diesel Owners

AMSOIL engineers and manufactures a fuel efficient 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil and 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil, both 25,000 miles or 1 year oils, that when used in conjunction with the AMSOIL EaO-99 Oil Filter that also is used for 1-year, 25,000 mile (7.3L for years 94-03). That's right, 25,000 miles between oil changes or 1 year, whichever comes first! If you use oil analysis you can usually go longer than 25,000 miles. Other AMSOIL benefits include reduced sludge and deposit formation, extreme temperature protection, improved fuel efficiency and rust and corrosion prevention and it does not void any new vehicle warranty. AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants meet and exceed all API rated and Ford specifications.

AMSOIL Series 3000 5W30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil is our premium top of the line product. While there are best uses for both our Series 3000 and our AMSOIL 15W40 Diesel and Marine Oil, Series 3000 is our recommendation for the Ford Powerstroke engine. It surpasses the API Energy Conserving Rating requirements designed to provide significant fuel savings. It has highly effective anti foam agents to prevent oil foaming. Series 3000 offers better protective film at higher temperatures than conventional SAE 40 oils while retaining fluidity at subzero temperatures.

Typical Order For Ford Powerstrokes 7.3L (years 1994-03)

OIL:     Series 3000 5W30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil Product Code HDD-05
          AMSOIL 15W40 Diesel and Marine Oil Product Code AME-05
                   You'll have extra for topping off when needed.
OIL FILTER: EAO-99 The Full flow EAO-99 is a 1-year, 25,000 mile filter.

Another option is to install a AMSOIL BMK-16Ea By-Pass Filtration System <(PDF instructions). With this system you only change your oil when oil analysis indicates. Change the EaO-26 full flow at 25,000 miles and the EaBP-100 bypass at 50,000 or every other time you change the full flow filter.

The by-pass filter removes the particles that cause wear in your engine down to less than one micron (a micron equals 0.001 mm) and keeps the engine oil analytically clean so you do not need to change your oil for a long time, while still getting far better protection than someone that changes their oil every 3000 miles.

Air Filter: EaA728 3 inch Pleat This is good for 100,000 miles/ 4 years. Recommended cleaning at 25,000 mile intervals.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oil does not break down like conventional petroleum based motor oils, is much more shear stable and does not have the waxes, paraffin's and by-products that come out of crude oil that is pumped from the earth.

Typical Order For Ford 6.0 Powerstroke

OIL:     Series 3000 5W30 Heavy Duty Diesel Oil Product Code HDD-05
          AMSOIL 15W40 Diesel and Marine Oil Product Code AME-05
                   You'll have extra for topping off when needed.
Ford 6.0 Powerstroke uses it's own special line of filters: The EaO-88 oil filter and  P603577 air filter, Donaldson Power Core air filter.

EaO-88 Filters Now Compatible with Ford 6.0L Power Stroke By-Pass System and AMSOIL BK-1101 By-Pass Components

The AMSOIL EaO-88 filter has been redesigned to accept both AMSOIL and Oil Guard aluminum billet by-pass components, allowing Ford Power Stroke™ 6.0L diesel drivers to take advantage of the benefits and added protection of by-pass filtration alongside the world's' first full-synthetic cartridge-style filter. These filters are available now, and replaced the existing stock of EaO-88 filters that were not compatible with this vehicle format.

To ease installation of the BMK-11 on 2003 and later model Ford pickups equipped with the 6.0L Power stroke™ diesel engine, AMSOIL provides the new Aluminum Billet Oil Filter Cap (BK-1101), the Aluminum Billet Oil Fill Cap (BK-1102) and the 90-degree JIC Elbow (BP-242). These new high-quality billet aluminum caps replace the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) filter cap and oil fill cap. The new caps have holes tapped in them that accept the JIC elbows for hose connectors.


U.S. Dealer/Preferred Customer Price 23.25
U.S. Sugg. Retail Price 31.00
Canadian Dealer/Preferred Customer Price. 28.40
Can. Sugg. Retail Price  37.85

EaO-88B Filters Now Available at Reduced Cost AMSOIL INC. will be liquidating stock on the EaO-88B filter line. These filters are compatible with Ford Power Stroke™ 6.0L diesels, however they are not compatible with aftermarket by-pass filtration systems or the AMSOIL BK-1101 By-Pass system. The EaO-88B filter has been reduced in price by $2.00 while supplies last.

For transmission fluids, transfer cases and differentials we have several choices for your Powerstroke. Please use our Product Application Guide below, to find the right products for your truck. To make it less confusing, Amsoil Severe Gear for your differentials, already contains the slip lock additive you need.

Laboratory oil chemical analysis every 25,000 miles indicates the oil is perfectly suitable for continued service. Other customers  have traveled well over 100,000 miles and oil analysis still indicates no oil change necessary. We will mail you a copy of this vehicle's oil analysis results with your product and technical  information package so you can see the data for yourself. In addition, the AMSOIL By-Pass filter will also remove up to a pint of water from your vehicle's lubrication system, which is especially important in a diesel engine.  Without this the water promotes rust, corrosion and rapid wear. Internal engine heat also creates acids which also wear the engine components.  The water and acids build and continue to work destroying your engine even after engine shutdown.

Oil analysis provides a big return for your small investment by extending equipment life by preventing premature component failure, reducing maintenance costs by eliminating unnecessary component changes and a decrease in downtime due to premature scheduled maintenance as well enabling calculation of optimum drain intervals that will reduce lubricant costs and assure maximum equipment protection.

AMSOIL has a complete line of synthetic motor oils, greases, transmission fluids, gear lubes, air filters, by-pass and full flow filters and filtration systems designed to extend the life of your vehicles and equipment and save you time and money.  In addition we also offer a preferred customer wholesale purchase option, retail purchase option or commercial account purchase option for businesses.  We also offer a Dealership Option for anyone interested in becoming an AMSOIL Dealer and/or purchasing products at wholesale cost.

How to Reduce or Prevent Turbocharger Bearing Seizures in the Ford Power Stroke Diesel

One of the many specific areas, on turbocharged Power Stroke Diesel engines, that can clearly benefit from the use of synthetic oil is the turbocharger. When a turbocharged engine is shut off immediately after use, "heat soak" occurs due to the extremely high temperature still present in the turbocharger. Over a period of time this can lead to deposits that can reduce or block the oil flow to the turbocharger bearings which can lead to turbocharger bearing seizure.


AMSOIL's Synthetic Diesel Oils are inherently more thermally stable than many diesel oils on the market and have been shown to keep turbochargers considerably cleaner than other brands of oil. While poor quality engine oils have been shown to cause turbocharger bearing seizure in under 100 hours during a "heat soak" test.


Many engine oils will survive the 100 hour "heat soak" test, but..., with considerable deposits and incipient oil passage blocking. If you use low quality diesel oils make sure you let the engine idle for a few minutes after use to allow the engine and turbocharger to cool. This does not eliminate deposit formation but it can reduce it.


Take a look at the varnish deposits in this picture. These are the results of a severe high temperature deposit test. This test clearly shows that AMSOIL keeps engines cleaner longer than other major brands diesel oils. Which oil would you rather have protecting your engine?


The bottom line: To prevent or eliminate turbocharger bearing seizure, there is no substitute for a high quality synthetic diesel oil (like AMSOIL's) as they have been have been proven to maintain turbochargers in an almost "as fitted" condition and significantly reduce deposit formation.

We are here to help you learn the facts and show you how you can use AMSOIL and get a superior product and also increase the  performance and add to the longevity of your Ford Power Stroke Diesel plus save time and money. The Power Stroke Diesel is an excellent vehicle and exceptionally well engineered by Ford Motor Company and International.  In our opinion it is one of the best vehicles ever produced, however there are ways to make the performance and longevity even better with AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants.

Simply changing your oil more often with "reputable" oil will not give you all the benefits that AMSOIL offers:

You will not get improved fuel economy, you will not get reduced engine wear, you will not get reduced operating temperatures, you will not get extended drain intervals and you will not save money in the long run. 

AMSOIL has been in business since 1972 and was the first company in the world to develop an API (Automotive Petroleum Institute) rated synthetic lubricant for automotive applications.   They coined the phrase "extended drain intervals" 30 years ago and have been on the leading edge of technology and innovation ever since then.  We have many satisfied customers using AMSOIL products in both their commercial, trucking, fleet as well as personal, family and recreational vehicles.

A Cheap Motor Oil may save you money today, But..., it will COST  you in the end!

Check out a cost comparison HERE

We are part of The Largest AMSOIL Dealer Group in the U.S.

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