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Harley Davidson Oil and The Low Quality of OEM Oils

In Industry Standard Four-Ball Wear Testing, Harley Davidson's Own "Genuine" Motor Oil Produces the Highest Wear Scar vs. Other Leading Motorcycle Oil's! 

Amsoil motorcycle oil provides best protection for your bike. Harley oil provides little!


Harley-Davidson Maintains That You Use Their "Genuine" Motor Oil, yet Harley-Davidson Doesn't Even Make Their Own Motor Oil. Who makes Harley Oil? Harley-Davidson oil is manufactured by Sunoco.

The suggested retail price for the H-D Syn3 synthetic is $8.25 while the suggested retail price for the AMSOIL 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is $8.35 and the AMSOIL change intervals specification is two times that of the H-D Syn3 synthetic. (note that we also have a Preferred Customer Wholesale Pricing option in order to save you even more money, its 6.25 a quart for MCV 20W50 at PC price) Download the Price Guide at left. Preferred Customers pay prices in BOLD. Click here on How to become a Preferred Customer.

Also, note that Merch Performance , who is world renowned for their award-winning V-twin engine development, recommends AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil. Merch engines start out at the 100 c.i. Stage I "Fatso" that offers 90 Hp/98 ft-lbs torque at the rear wheel up to the enormous 131 c.i. Stage III that pumps out 140 Hp and 150 ft-lbs torque at the rear wheel.

In addition, we now have the latest test results comparing the new Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle Syn3 to AMSOIL 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil.  The most notable differences between the two products are in the 4-ball wear test.

In the  4-Ball Parameter 1 test the Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle Syn3 leaves a wear scar of 0.40 mm and the AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil leaves a wear scar of 0.35 mm.  

In the more severe 4-Ball Parameter 3 test the Harley Davidson Oil Screamin Eagle Syn3 leaves a wear scar of 0.70 mm and the AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil leaves a wear scar of 0.39 mm. This data indicates that the Harley Davidson oil leaves a wear scar 79% higher than the AMSOIL motorcycle oil.

AMSOIL recommendations are to use NEW AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil for both the engine and transmission  for the 883cc and 1200cc Sportster motorcycles.

On 1340cc and 1450cc models, the NEW 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is recommended for the engine crankcase the transmission and chaincase.

For the older Shovelheads, Panheads and Flatheads the recommendation is to use the AMSOIL SAE 60 Synthetic oil for optimum performance and protection. 

In respect to Harley Davidson petroleum oil, Harley Davidson Maintains That You Use Their "Genuine" Motor Oil, yet  Harley-Davidson Doesn't Even Make Their Own Motor Oil.  Harley-Davidson petroleum motor oil is manufactured by Sunoco.

Learn The Facts About Harley Davidson Oil in this Eye-Opening Article written by A.J. Amatuzio, President and CEO of AMSOIL INC.

"A situation my daughter, Lyn, told me about recently got me to thinking about how good it is to be able to blend our own oils and have complete control over our own product quality.

Lyn loves to ride motorcycles. She recently purchased a Harley Davidson bike and took it to the local Harley shop to have our new AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil installed. The mechanic took issue with her not using the oil Harley Davidson sells, saying, "I'll use AMSOIL motor oil when AMSOIL starts making motorcycles!"

How would you answer a challenge like that?  I was pleased to hear Lyn's response. She said, " I'll start using Harley Davidson motor oil when Harley starts making oil!"

Perfect! The fact is that Harley Davidson, like so many other "brands" of oil, contract with one or more oil companies to make their lubricants. Often, the decision as to who actually makes a private labeled product is based on low bid, and like almost everything manufactured by a low bidder, short cuts are taken in order to meet the low price.

We understand that Harley Davidson has contracted with one company for a number of years to make their oil. That's good, but it still doesn't change the fact that they make motorcycles, not oil. Now consider all the private label oils out there. Every manufacturer that makes equipment with an engine has it's own name on an oil bottle.  That includes all the major auto manufacturers, the makers of motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles, farm equipment, you name it, they all have oils.  But none of these equipment manufacturers actually make an oil.  They sell oil to make more money, and then they often price these oils well above the going rate for competitive lubricants because, like Harley Davidson, they can specify or create the impression that only their oil be used in their equipment.

Now there's nothing wrong in having a goal to make money, but let's get real here. Why would anyone want to use a product manufactured down to a price rather than up to high quality standards?  We have tested a number of these private label motor oils and two-cycle oils and we found that many are mediocre quality products.  None of them even comes close to performing as well as AMSOIL lubricants, and that's a fact!

We're not taking shots at Harley Davidson. They make good motorcycles. And I understand their concern that normal automotive oils not meeting API C specs shouldn't be used in their bikes. But when they imply that AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil is not as good as their brand or I hear that one of their dealers recommended not using AMSOIL, I get a little hostile. Those kinds of statements are the very reason we introduced our motorcycle oils in the first place. And when we say use our 20W-50 motorcycle oil in V-Twin motorcycle engines, that definitely includes Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Our Motorcycle Products Brochure, G-391, includes wear comparisons of AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils vs. other oils, including Harley Davidson "Genuine".  Both our oils demonstrate superior wear protection over all other tested brands. Interestingly enough, the highest wear scar in this test turned out to be Harley Davidson's own "Genuine" oil!

There is a good reason why AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils protect so well against wear.  They are formulated with significantly higher levels of zinc and phosphorus, which when included in proper formulation with other high quality additives, provide superior wear protection at the high operating temperatures typical of motorcycles.  In addition, synthetic oils inherently reduce sump temperatures so the engines actually run cooler.

The fact is, Harley would do well to have AMSOIL make their oils for them. Then they could be assured that their oil was indeed a superior product. As it is, there may be absolutely nothing wrong with their oil for use in average service, but I guarantee you as the oil temperature gets hotter, like it does when sitting in traffic on asphalt on a hot summer day, the Harley Davidson with AMSOIL in the crankcase is going to be far better protected and run far cooler than the bike with Harley Davidson "Genuine" oil in it. There's just no two ways about it!

So, my daughter Lyn will be going back to this mechanic armed with the facts about AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils and a few facts about Harley Davidson oil. Nobody's going to tell her that her dad's oils are not the very best. She knows better, and she's on a mission to prove her point. Who knows? Knowing Lyn, she might sign up another AMSOIL Dealer in the process."

New! AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40 and 20W-50 motorcycle oils give motorcyclists what they need: Superior wear protection for high- stress motorcycle engines and transmissions that stay clean and deposit-free.

Please Beware: we have found that many Harley Davidson dealership technicians are telling customers that synthetic motor oil is "too slippery" and can cause flat spots on roller bearings because the bearings won't turn.  That is the biggest line of baloney we have ever heard and it is also scientifically and chemically untrue.  The person telling you that is not a tribologist (lubrication engineer) and knows absolutely nothing about the science of lubrication, because if they did they wouldn't be telling you such untruths.

Synthetic motor oils are no more "slippery" than petroleum motor oils. The tractive coefficient, which is the measure of the case with which a lubricant facilitates sliding, is essentially the same for both petroleum oils and synthetics.  Synthetic motor oils are also used in many production and racing cars that have sophisticated roller follower technology and they have absolutely no problems whatsoever with roller bearings not turning.  We have an article on this which we will include in your package, that explains this in more detail that you can take to your local Harley Davidson dealer next time you visit them or we can also email you the article

One of the most common questions we are asked is what is the recommended transmission lube for Harley Davidson, both big twins and sportsters?

The answer is for 883cc and 1200cc sportster motorcycles, the NEW AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is recommended for both the engine and transmission. On 1340cc and 1450cc models, the 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil is recommended for the engine crankcase, transmission and the chaincase.




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