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Check out the link above to the new Mobile App from Amsoil. It will let you use your iPhone, Android or Blackberry access vehicle application information so you can see what oil and filters you need or to see how much fluid your transmission or rear end takes.

AMSOIL Technical Service Bulletins

What is a Technical Service Bulletin?

Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are publications designed to provide a wide range of technical information on a variety of topics. Topics may include information associated with AMSOIL products, vehicle applications, automotive equipment concerns, position statements or market trends to mention a few. They are provided in an effort to keep you informed.

Using AMSOIL Synthetic products will save you time and money in oil changes, increase your fuel economy and will typically cut your mechanical wear rate in half.

Technical Service Bulletins
08-15-2007 Revised: Flat Tappet and Camshaft Lobe Lubrication (188k PDF)
07-17-2007 Revised: AMSOIL Recommended Oils for All Harley-Davidson Models (257k PDF)
07-16-2007 Oil Filters: Correlation Between Particle Size and Engine Wear (154k PDF)
06-29-2007 Water Contamination Level (103k PDF)
05-17-2007 SEA-DOO® supercharged personal watercraft (PWC) and sport boats (309k PDF)
12-11-2006 Revised: Oil Filter Over Pressurization (62k PDF)
09-21-2006 Nissan Oil Consumption (33k PDF)
07-11-2006 Differential Oil Change After Initial Break-in (123k PDF)
07-11-2006 EaA Recommendation For 1999 Ford 7 (32k PDF)
07-11-2006 Viscosity Monograde And Multigrade (35k PDF)
07-11-2006 Biodiesel (33k PDF)
03-09-2006 Revised: AMSOIL SG series gear oils: Industrial Gear Oil Standard, AGMA 9005-E02 Specification Update, New DIN 51517 Part 3 (CLP) (25k PDF)
03-09-2006 Revised: Tackifier Additives Used In Gear Lubes (42k PDF)
03-09-2006 Revised: Operating Conditions in Differentials (41k PDF)
03-06-2006 Revised: Synthetic Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid Applications Guide (41k PDF)
01-27-2006 BMK15 ByPass Filter Recommendation (106k PDF)
01-10-2006 Dodge Leaking Plenum Gasket (2.35MB PDF)
12-22-2005 Lubricant Shelf Life and Proper Storage (41k PDF)
12-09-2005 Automotive Differential and Manual Transmission Oil Drain and Flushing Procedures (35k PDF)
12-09-2005 Hydraulic System Trouble Shooting Guide (69k PDF)
10-05-2004 AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 (SVG): 2002-2005 GM QS4 Quadrasteer Steerable Rear Axles (107k PDF - Revised 10-05-2005)
10-05-2005 Engine Sludge Issues (46k PDF)
10-05-2005 AMSOIL Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Change Procedures (307k PDF - Revised 10-05-2005)
09-27-2005 Automotive Gear Oil and Manual Transmission Transaxle Lubes (44k PDF)
09-27-2005 Mixing ATF Fluids (37k PDF)
03-03-2005 Donaldson Endurance™ Lube Filters (ELF) Change Recommendations (99k PDF)
01-18-2005 AMS-Oiler Operation, Specifications, Benefits (524k PDF) (Updated)
12-08-2004 AMSOIL CTL Roadranger - Eaton Fuller Oil Cooler Failure (271k PDF)
12-08-2004 How Cold Temperatures Affect Automatic Transmission Efficiencies (43k PDF revised 1/10/06)
12-01-2004 2-Cycle Power Valves (143k PDF)
11-09-2004 Donaldson Endurance™ Air Filters Change Recommendations - (37k PDF)
07-28-2004 Fuel Dilution Causes and Effects - (33k PDF)
07-26-2004 Break-In For New and Rebuilt Engines - (25k PDF)
06-14-2004 Oil Filter Usage on 2001-2005 DaimlerChrysler - (140k PDF)
06-14-2004 Reasons For Motor Oil Consumption - (256k PDF)
03-17-2004 AMSOIL SDF-20 Superduty Oil Filter and Mitsubishi Vehicle Applications - (54k PDF)
01-15-2004 AMSOIL Torque-Drive™ Q&A
09-30-2003 By-Pass Filter Installation Mount Breakage - (118k PDF)
09-16-2003 MAF Sensors - (29k PDF)
09-16-2003 EGR Valves - (38k PDF)
08-18-2003 Slip Lock (Differential Clutch Chatter) - (98k PDF)
10-04-2002 Glossary of Acronyms and Common Terms
10-02-2002 Oil Pump Prime - Bulletin From Filters Manufacturers Council
10-02-2002 Transmission Fluid Evacuation Service - Bulletin From Filters Manufacturers Council
08-15-2002 Warranties and the Magnuson-Moss Act
06-25-2002 New BMK-17 Dual Remote Bypass Filter Kit Info (PDF 4k)
03-04-2002 API Engine Oil Service Category Chart (PDF 30k)
01-12-2002 BMK Mounting Bracket Warning (PDF 88k)

*NEW* Downloadable AMSOIL Product Catalog (PDF 2.6MB)

A.J. Amatuzio "Our Company makes the Best Lubricants in the world, period, and challenges anyone or any company to prove us wrong!  That won't happen because our competitors know it's true." 
A. J. Amatuzio,
AMSOIL President and CEO

Our competition "the big oil companies" like (Mobil 1, Castrol, Valvoline, Pennzoil, Quaker State) have been formulating oils down to a price, while AMSOIL continues formulating products up to the highest performance standards.

AMSOIL Synthetic oils EXCEL in testing!
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Choosing Your AMSOIL Products

Start Here:

Click the "Online Product Application Guide" logo below to look up AMSOIL Product Information for your car (including vintage cars), light trucks, ATVs, motorcycles,  etc.

AMSOIL Complete Online Product Guide provides recommendations for your vehicles including synthetic motoroils, premium synthetic lubricants, automotive oil air filters, hastings filters, performance extended drain intervals, diesel engines, fuel additives, by-pass filter, oils 0w-30 5w-30 10w-30 10w-40 20w-50, compressor oil, atf antifreeze, grease, moly, octane cetane boost, drivetrain fluids, racing lubes, turbos, marine lube 100:1 pre-mix, automatic transmission fluid, and more (for all vehicles from 1980 to present).

Convenience, savings, performance & protection are the reasons AMSOIL is Smart Synthetics! If you are unsure of what products to order for your vehicle, you can use our Online Product Application Guide below. Just select your vehicle from our database and we'll tell you all of the available AMSOIL products that fit your application (air/oil/fuel filters, engine oil, transmission fluids, gear lubes, etc.). The link below will open the Application Guide in a new window so that you can return to this page if you need to.

Ask us which AMSOIL synthetic products are best for your application Technical Service Request

You may also find the Product Change Interval Guide (will open in new window) useful to view along with the Online Product Application Guide below. This guide will cover AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil Maximum Recommended Drain Intervals, Drivetrain Applications and Service Intervals, Brief Product Descriptions, AMSOIL Filter Change Recommendations, Vehicles Prone to Sludge.

If you are being told to use 5W20 motoroil this is a Must Read Article for you What is 5W-20 motor oil Technical information.

Using AMSOIL Synthetic oils-gear lubes- filters allow vehicles & equipment to last longer, perform better & will save thousands of dollars in oil changes, repairs & new vehicle purchases. AMSOIL lubricants provide superior protection for your Cars, trucks, diesels, racing, snowmobiles, heavy equipment, ATV's, motorcycles and more. Learn about Synthetic Performance Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic motor oils are for all engine applications, automotive, trucking, diesel pickup, motorcycle, motocross, racing, industrial, Heavy equipment, racing, R/V, marine, snowmobile & more! Changing your lubricants to Amsoil will dramatically improve vehicles performance, fuel economy & life!

Fastest and Easiest Methods to Purchase AMSOIL Products

If you desire to make a retail purchase from the AMSOIL Factory Direct Catalog simply download the AMSOIL Factory Direct Catalog and use the "Buy Now" buttons in the catalog or call the AMSOIL Toll Free Ordering Line at 1-800-956-5995 and provide the operator with my Dealer #, 1070320, so that you will be registered as a customer in my group and I will be able to assist you with any product, technical or vehicle questions.

You may also visit the AMSOIL On-Line Store to review products and place an order. If you have product, technical or vehicle specific questions please email

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Synthetic Performance Oil

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AMSOIL is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.  America's Oil.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil, Synthetic Lubes, Oil Filters, Air Filters - provide superior performance and protection. Amsoil saves you time, money, and wear on your vehicles and equipment!


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AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants and Filtration products dramatically improve your vehicles performance, fuel economy and extend engine life. Independently Tested and Proven World's Best Synthetic Motor Oil. AMSOIL the High Performance Synthetics!