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Jeff Anderson - T-1 Certified - Southeast Michigan - Independent Amsoil Dealer

Synthetic Performance Oil is your Michigan based Amsoil Dealer Serving Detroit, Flint, Pontiac, Lansing, Oakland, Lapeer and Genesee Counties and all of Michigan

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New Amsoil Video Series. See YouTube videos that discuss Synthetic Oil, Power Valves, and Motorcycle Oils. They will also help answer some of your questions about synthetic oils and lubricants.

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Check out the link above to the new Mobile App from Amsoil. It will let you use your iPhone, Android or Blackberry access vehicle application information so you can see what oil and filters you need or to see how much fluid your transmission or rear end takes.

AMSOIL Preferred Customers purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost, without the responsibilities of owning a Dealership

The AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program

Learn how to become a preferred customer

Order a free AMSOIL catalog and receive a Dealer/Preferred Customer application

You are eligible to become an Amsoil Preferred Customer if you reside in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico

What do I get by becoming a Preferred Customer?

  • AMSOIL Preferred Customers get the lowest possible prices (same as dealer prices) on the best lubrication and filtration products available for their vehicles and equipment, without the responsibilities of owning a Dealership. Most people save additional money becoming a Preferred Customer.

  • As a Preferred Customer you buy AMSOIL products at wholesale prices. The discount price is about 15-25% less than regular retail prices.

  • Preferred Customers receive an information kit on AMSOIL products and the monthly AMSOIL product, racing and application magazine, the AMSOIL Action News.

  • Preferred Customers can upgrade their membership to an AMSOIL Dealership at any time.

What will it cost me to become a Preferred Customer in US?

  • $10.00 (US) for a 6-month trial Preferred Customer membership.

  • $20.00 (US) for a 1-year Preferred Customer membership.

What will it cost me to become a Preferred Customer in Canada?

  • $15.00 (US) for a 6-month trial Preferred Customer membership.

  • $30.00 (US) for a 1-year Preferred Customer membership.

What will it cost me to become a Preferred Customer in Puerto Rico?

  • $10.00 (US) for a 6-month trial Preferred Customer membership.

  • $20.00 (US) for a 1-year Preferred Customer membership.

How do I sign up as a Preferred Customer to Buy AMSOIL at Wholesale Prices Factory Direct?

AMSOIL Online Store and add to your basket for preferred pricing Now  or  Click here to sign up and receive your kit by mail before ordering.

  • Purchase one of the Preferred Customer Program Packages (top left corner in store) along with your product order. Your order total will be recalculated at the Preferred Customer discount price before your order is billed to your credit card. You will receive your order in 3 - 5 business days.

By Phone:

  • To become a Preferred Customer call Amsoil Headquarters, 1-800-777-7094, and tell the phone operator you would like the ordering department. You will need your charge card number handy when you call. Then tell the ordering operator you would like to become a preferred customer, she should then ask who referred you, if she doesn't make sure to give her this number: 1593256. You can then place your order at the same time. That's all there is to it. You will also receive a general packet of information from AMSOIL in the mail along with a preferred membership card and a monthly publication, AMSOIL Action News for as long as you have a preferred membership status.

  • You will then have access to purchase products online through the secure "Preferred Customer Orders" section or contact Synthetic Performance Oil for future ordering.  

Printable Application Form: Preferred Customer Application

Buy AMSOIL at Wholesale Prices Factory Direct

If you have any questions or problems please feel free to send your request to:

Amsoil Preferred Customers Cash In On Business Opportunity

AMSOIL Preferred Customers buy the best synthetic motor oils and lubricants on the market for wholesale prices.

The use the products and then, over time, discover how well they perform.

Before long, Preferred Customers spread the good news about AMSOIL synthetics to friends and acquaintances. Those people ask questions. Eventually, many Preferred Customers recognize an opportunity to earn money selling the products.

"The intended purpose of the Preferred Customer program is personal use," said Dan Gorski, international sales representative. "Almost all of our Dealers who are successful started out buying for their own personal use."

Truth is, Preferred Customers are sitting on a golden opportunity.

Upgrading to Dealer status gives Preferred Customers a business of their own. It's an opportunity to earn extra money. First, income increases through sales of AMSOIL products. Unlike Preferred Customers, Dealers also sponsor other Preferred Customers and Dealers, and pursue retail and commercial accounts - all of which earns them commission credits that increase profits.

"Commissions are a big part of increasing income," Gorski said.

Today's economy leaves many people little job security, and growing angst for retirement income. An AMSOIL Dealership is the perfect answer. Dealers can spend as much time and energy on their businesses as they want. The more time and effort they put into their Dealerships, the more profits they generate and the more security they have in a world that is changing quickly. As a Dealer, even illness or inability to work for a period of time does not interrupt the flow of income generated from a well-established business.

Don Smith, Fredricksburg, Iowa, became a Preferred Customer about two years ago.

"I was leery of using AMSOIL motor oil," Smith said. "I never knew anyone who used it."

Smith is an ASE-certified master diesel truck technician and mechanic of about 15 years. He started building his own shop, Smith Repair, around the same time he became a Preferred Customer and started learning more about synthetic motor oils.

Last July, after attending the AMSOIL 30th Convention, he upgraded to a Dealership.

Smith got an in-depth informational presentation on CD from his sponsor who also started his dealership simply buying AMSOIL products for his own personal use back in 1978 and has since built a large, successful organization.

Smith also gleaned important technical information through reading the Action News, he said.

"I found you can be a top-notch mechanic and not know all that much about lubrication," Smith said. "It's amazing how little people know about the lubrication they use to protect what is essentially their second largest investment." Second, he said, to their homes.

Building the shop has been a bigger project than he envisioned and he's counting on the income he makes from building his AMSOIL business to offset some of the costs.

Fredricksburg is a small farming town of about 1,500. Smith has lived there all of his life and is known by most people in town. That works to his advantage, he said, because they trust him not to steer them wrong.

He talks one-on-one to his customers, he said, advising them to try AMSOIL lubricants.

"They're letting me install it in their trucks and machinery," he said. "Installing AMSOIL is really a big benefit. It's made the difference between selling a lot of oil and selling a little oil." He now has some commercial accounts, as well, Smith said.

At 37, Smith is a man who believes everyone should have more than one plan for their life. "You need to have a back up Plan B in case Plan A goes haywire."

He acknowledges that building an AMSOIL business takes hard work and the willingness to gain the knowledge needed to separate people from their old ideas. "In the future, it's going to be more and more synthetics," he said. "It takes perseverance. You've gotta keep hitting it. It's a challenge and I believe I'm up to it.

"I wish I had started this about 15 years ago, I'd have a big business today."

Smith is a perfect example of why the Preferred Customer program works.

"The nice thing about Preferred Customers who upgrade to Dealers is that they want businesses," Gorski said. "They're going to be selling." These are the people who make a commitment to making their AMSOIL businesses profitable, he said.

Ordering an AMSOIL Business Manual is vital to their success, Gorski said. It guides them in how to build their businesses. Along with advice and guidance from their sponsors. Dealers also become eligible for T-1 certification. That's basically "an open book test," Gorski said. It's included in the business manual. "We (the company) know that the Dealer has the body of knowledge to offer good service," he said.

Dealers also are eligible to receive leads to new prospects through the company, as well as becoming eligible for trade show and racing co-op assistance through the company after they are T-1 certified.

"The Preferred Customer program is wildly successful," Gorski said. "Virtually all of the Dealers have embraced the Preferred Customer program."

Editors Note: The following gives the typical progression for building an AMSOIL business.

Preferred Customer:
- Buys AMSOIL products at wholesale prices for registration fee of $10 for six months; $20 for 12 months
- Uses products and becomes confident in their benefits and quality
- Recognizes potential to earn an income through the Dealership opportunity

- Upgrade to Dealer for an additional $5 for six months; $10 for 12 months through calling AMSOIL at (800) 777-7094 or use the upgrade form on the corporate website at
- Purchase optional AMSOIL G-700 Business Manual for $35; read comprehensive information pertaining to AMSOIL products and income opportunities
- Become T-1 certified (complete workbook included in manual), gain valuable knowledge and eligibility for leads and co-op programs

Personal Retail Sales:
- Begin personal retail sales; neighbors, co-workers and other interested parties
- Promote business through yellow pages, local newspapers, wear AMSOIL clothing, vehicle graphics, business cards

Dealer earns retail profits and commission credits

(See G-85, Income Opportunities Brochure)

Catalog Sales:
- Order Retail Catalogs from AMSOIL
- Attach referral number (zo number) on back, distribute catalogs
- When a customer calls in an order,

Dealer earns retail profits and commission credits for each order

Internet Sales:
- Post AMSOIL website (available through AMSOIL)
- Customers go from Dealer's site to AMSOIL site (via link) to purchase products

Dealer earns retail profits and commission credits

- Register new Dealers and Preferred Customers

Commission credits generated through their purchases are added to the Dealer's group total

Dealer earns additional commissions on monthly check (See G-85)

Commercial Program:
- Register companies that use AMSOIL products

Dealer earns cash commissions and commission credits on those purchases

Retail Program:
- Register stores that sell AMSOIL products

Dealer earns cash commissions and commission credits on those purchases

- Become self-employed with unlimited growth, income potential

Dealer builds income security, earns tax relief, gains economic independence.

We are part of The Largest AMSOIL Dealer Group in the U.S.

If you are local and want to order directly from me or stop by and pick up what you need, email me or call 1-810-356-0021

Synthetic Performance Oil

Certified Dealer
Jeff Anderson

T-1 Certified
AMSOIL Independent Dealer
Lapeer, Michigan 48446



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